Jan 21, 2009

Is it spring yet?

Boston training is going well. The five workouts I try to squeeze into a week are very structured and challenging. In a way, they're the same workouts I've been doing for years but are presented differently. Different enough that somehow they seem new. There's no fooling around this go-around, which is good because I don't have a lot of time these days. So far my favorite is balanced pick-up's; 2.5 minutes easy, 2.5 minutes hard (faster-than-5K pace). Repeat for about an hour or so. Also, instead of 800-meter repeats, which I've done loads of in the past, mile repeats are what's called for. The equation is simple... run one mile every 7 minutes, no matter what. I aim to run a 6 minute mile, allowing 1 minute to recover. So far I've done as many as 5 repeats.

Returned home from Phoenix on Monday evening after spending 4 days basking in the Arizona sun! Highlights include a day trip to the Grand Canyon, a visit to the Arizona Cardinals stadium, and the reason for the trip in the first place, the Rock'n'Roll Marathon. Pics and stories to follow.