Mar 18, 2010

Spring Running

My fitness level is gradually improving. Fortunately (or unfortunately) I know enough about the physiology of running to understand why it's been difficult to complete certain training runs I was doing with ease last year at this time. The good news is, at the current rate and with just over 6 weeks remaining until Pittsburgh, my fitness will be much improved and at a relatively small cost. Following Pittsburgh I will focus primarily on triathlon training and completing a P90X cycle. Then it's back to a month or two of base building before 3-4 months of intense marathon training with the goal of being back in sub-3 shape in time for the Miami Marathon on January 31, 2011. By then I'll have the option to run indoors at the new YMCA (18 days and counting!).

In a side note, and to follow up on a previous post... I've been running a lot at lunch time. Huron High School's track is about 2.5 miles from where I work, which makes for a nice warm up... then I can hit the track for 3-4 miles of intervals or tempo running... followed by a nice 2.5 mile recovery run back to work. It's great not having to worry about waking up early to run and/or run later in the evening after the munchkins are asleep.