May 10, 2010

P90X Week 1

Day 1 - Yikes... I just got my butt kicked by the chest and back (+ ab ripper x) DVD, which is the very first workout in the 90-day P90X cycle. It's basically a mix of push-ups and pull-ups - with a splash of dumb bell exercises. I don't really feel like explaining the structure of the workout at the moment as the simple act of typing is anything but simple. Suffice it to say, it's a bitch of a workout. And then when it's all done... SURPRISE, 15-minutes of ab ripper x. I couldn't keep pace with TH and his posse, but did at least 75% of the reps.

I'm gonna scour the house for some protein and then go to bed. Gotta wake up early to swim... bet that will feel good!

Day 2 - Day 2 is Plyometrics, and from what I've read it's considered to be the "mother" of all the P90X workouts. I was more afraid of falling on my face as it consists of lots of jumping and twisting and other airborne antics that requare some degree of rhythm/coordination. All in all I had a pretty easy time with it. Definitely worked up a good sweat and felt the burn in my legs at times. For the next three weeks, I will welcome it as a break between upper body resistance workouts.

My body is still SCREAMING from Day 1! Every part of my upper body hurts and now it's becoming difficult to sit/squat from Day 2. I know this is the initial "shock" but I would never have guessed it to be this bad (bad as in good... sort of).

Day 3 - Shoulder's and arms. This one is definitely for the "beach" muscles, or "marathon" muscles for a guy like me. The structure of the workout was simple. Five "blocks" of exercises for the shoulders, biceps and triceps. Run through a block once and then repeat before moving on to the next block. I found some of the exercises to be too easy (too little weight) and some to be too hard (too much weight) so I ordered some resistance bands for next week. Even though I was still incredibly sore from days 1 and 2, this workout felt great. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being 'check your ego at the door', this one was about a 6... really not too bad. The focus was on form/technique rather than high heartrate or max reps.

Day 4 - Yoga X. I'll never forget the first time I did Yoga X... not because I've never done yoga before or because I'm completely inflexible, but because I "pushed play" minutes after the Cavaliers monumental collapse against the Celtics. 90 minutes of deep breathing/meditation was the perfect remedy for a frustrated Cleveland sports fan. My form on some of the poses was probably way off but they felt great and I pulled most of them off... except for the crane! I will consider this program a success if I can eventually hold this pose for more than half a second.

Day 5 - Legs and Back. Lot's of squat-type exercises and plenty of pull-up/chin-ups for the back. Similar to Plyometrics, this one burned at times, but my legs are in pretty good shape from running/biking. The hardest exercise was single leg wall squats. Oh, and pull-ups are always tough!

Day 6 - Kenpo X. After doing this one, I may opt to skip it in the future as I just don't see a whole lot bang for the buck. It's more cardio than anything and my time would be better spent running for an hour instead. Plus, this one requires even more coordination than plyometrics. It's just not for me.

Day 7 - Rest or X Stretch. I chose to rest... will try X Stretch next week.

Weeks 2 and 3 are identical to Week 1. Week 4 is a recovery week (i.e. no resistance stuff).