Sep 15, 2009

Low Expectations

Last fall I was ill-prepared to run the Erie Marathon and had no idea of what my finishing time might be... As fate would have it, race day temps ventured into the mid-80's and it was a long day, providing no indication of my fitness level at the time. I feel even less prepared for Columbus, which is now less than 5 weeks away. However, I'm going to give myself credit for having continued to run over the last 2-3 months as the challenges at home have mounted.

My only goal on race day will be to finish (hopefully with a smile). I've run and observed enough marathons to fully appreciate what it means simply to finish. I'll go into it with a gameplan and will pace myself for a goal time but will not be at all disappointed if I begin to fall off pace.

With no pressure and/or expectations, I may actually enjoy this marathon!