Aug 28, 2008

The 26.2 Mile Experiment

In case anyone wonders how effective a training program is that consists primarily of long runs on the weekend, say hello to your guinea pig. I'm guessing my post marathon blog will read one of two ways. Either I have a good race and am raving about how long runs trump high weekly mileage... or, I blow up on the course and am swearing never again to neglect the tried and true training programs. Either way, I'll learn something.

Took video of the boys playing together... the smile on Cole's face (on the left) about halfway through the videw is so damn cute.

Aug 21, 2008


Tonight is the kickoff meeting for the winter Team In Training season. I will be co-coaching for the Disney and Rock'n'Roll Arizona marathons. I've met so many great people through Team In Training and am excited about getting to know another group of runners focused on accomplishing a common goal. Once again, the experience level of the participants is as diverse as the people themselves. I'm always impressed with the experienced marathon runner who uses their abilities for a higher purpose. It's impressive enough to run a marathon for yourself but to run one for someone suffering from a life-threatening illness is beyond impressive. I try very hard to convey to my runners how they will be viewed in the eyes of the average spectator, not to mention the eyes of a young child affected by leukemia. How often in our lives do we have the opportunity to be a hero?

My training is going so-so. I've managed to squeeze in long runs of 16 and 18 miles the past two weekends, respectively. Have also managed some medium long tempo runs, hills workouts, track work, etc. I don't know what my gameplan will be come race day. Part of me is already looking forward to Boston '09, which will be marathon number 13 and mine and Teresa's first trip (of many) to Boston with our family.

Aug 6, 2008

Back at the Track

Dropped in to see some old friends ar the track in Independence last night and surprised myself by running consecutively faster 800m/400m repeats. My 4th and final 800/400 split was 2:38/1:09. Felt pretty good throughout and afterwards. Legs are pretty fresh from a relatively light schedule of late. Also helping my cause were my super lightweight Brooks T4 Racer's. Running fast is a must when wearing such flashy shoes.

After my final 400 I realized my pace (4:36 min/mile) was just a tad bit faster than what Haile Gebrselassie ran for a full 26.2 miles last fall in Berlin (4:45 min/mil). I couldn't have run 20 more feet at that pace and he rocked a full marathon at that clip!! Unbelievable. Too bad he's not running the Olympic Marathon.