Oct 1, 2007


...my official finish time for the Akron Marathon this past Saturday. I ran amazingly for 22 miles but really struggled during the final 4, which is, of course, when it counts the most. To be honest, I'm surprised to have come so close to another sub-3. To think that I ran a 2:57 in May and a 3:01 in September, all the while planning for the arrival of twins.

- The weather was PERFECT! Low 50's at the start with not a cloud in the sky. 60's and sunny by 10AM. Sitting, sundrenched, in Canal Park watching for my friends was a highlight.
- Convenient, FREE parking. I drove up the morning of the race and had no problem with traffic or finding a parking space central to both the start and the finish.
- Final 16 miles were breathtaking (UofA campus, Ohio-Erie Canal Towpath, Sand Run, Stan Hywett Hall & Gardens)! The miles flew by (for the most part)!
- Six GU stations and plenty of water/aid stops. No need to carry anything with me at the start. Good, one less thing!
- Medal is hardcore!

- The finish inside of Canal Stadium was cool, but too much of a novelty in my opinion. I'd rather the finish be on the road where there's plenty of space and no stadium stairs to climb afterwards.
- Only one finish chute! I finished on the heels of two half marathoners and was forced to share the same finish chute with them, and therefore, the same finish line photo. How 'bout one chute for marathoners and one for half marathoners?
- Only two GU flavors (chocolate and vanilla). Vanilla worked fine once I knew Tri-Berry was not an option (should list flavor choices on the web page).

Throughout the course, I saw the name we will be giving to one of our sons multiple times. It showed up on two street signs and on a campaign sign placed in the yards of many houses along the course. I was inspired to say the least. Congratulations to Cathy, Dan, Athena, Elizabeth, Janet, Darryl, Matt, Sara, Debbie, Heather and Jody. Also, congrats and thank you to Nick for pacing with me for 12+ miles.


DaisyDuc said...

Great job Brian for another fantastic finish!!

I thought the finish at Canal was so cool. I never thought about how I would have felt climbing steps after the full! OUCH!

Neese said...

Nice job Brian!!
And I thought Tri-Berry was like the most popular flavor too....

E-Speed said...

nicely done! You looked great out there!

A. M. Mericsko said...

The Good - Getting to be a Athena & Lisa's wake up call because we were such losers and could not rise in the a.m.

The Good - Hearing Athena's stupid morning comment in the hotel elevator to the guys sporting their race numbers - "So, you guys running in the race today?" : )

Papa Louie said...

Brian, Great race! You listed more good than bad so that must be a plus. Consider the race as more learning experience. Good for you.

Neese said...

Thanks for your comment Brian, you always say sensible things :)