Jan 6, 2008

First of '08

Haven't been blogging much of late but am happy to report that life in the '08 is going well. Twins are lively as ever, gaining weight and achieving milestones that make Teresa and I proud as parents. Sleep's been pretty much non-existent of late, especially for Teresa. She somehow manages the energy to remain herself throughout the day, singing, laughing and being an awesome mother to our little men.

I did a 7-mile tempo run this afternoon and was very pleased with my splits. I shouldn't be so surprised but that's what a few months of next-to-no traininig will do. Anyway, did one of my favorite tempo runs with the following times: Mile 1: 7:06, Mile 2: 6:53, Mile 3: 6:00, Mile 4: 5:53, Mile 5: 7:51, Mile 6: 5:59, Mile 6-6.5: 4:15, Mile 6.5-7: 2:52

The earlybird registration deadline for Cleveland is this Thursday. Committing to a marathon (atleast financially) is one of the biggest motivators for me. I know finding time for my long runs will be a challenge in the coming months. I'm all about challenges though!


E-Speed said...

That's what the double stroller is for! And lots of loops courses near to your house :) I foresee plenty of water bottle and gel stashes in your mailbox this winter :)

DaisyDuc said...

Glad to hear the twins are doing well! I am just made the Cleveland commitment Friday!

SoupKitchen said...

Happy Birthday Brian! Wish me and Kelly luck with our run this weekend. Resting up this week for Sunday!
I would kill to run what you run when you are "out of shape!: Go Buckeyes!