Mar 17, 2008

5 Months Old

I gladly took St. Patrick's Day off of work to watch the boys while Teresa went to the parade with her friends. I've been telling her for months that she needs to get out and do a few things that don't involve burpies, binkies or bouncies! Before she took off for the day, I hit the gym for a swim/run brick. Swam about 750 yards, mostly laps with a few drills worked in. Ran 4 miles at roughly 6:43 pace and then did about 30 minutes of strength training. It always surprises me how odd it feels to run after having been in the pool!

Yesterday while trying to kill some time and keep the twinfants occupied, I strapped them in our jogging stroller and did some laps around the house. They really seem to like it and would start fussing every time I stopped, even if just for a moment to make sure they were doing OK. I told them all about how I came to run my first marathon. It's nice having an audience who isn't bored with my running stories : )


E-Speed said...

Looks like you had some fun baby time yesterday!

We need to get over and see those munchkins!

Running on Something said...

i'm glad to see the boys like the stroller -- get em while they're young!

Papa Louie said...

Who's having more fun, Dad or the boys? Good running around the house.

Neese said...

Brian that's great, I think it's wonderful how you tell them stories you know their little brains are soaking that in! Nice photo! :)

Any races March 29th? :)