Mar 30, 2009

Almost April

3 weeks until Boston, which for me means 1 more week of hard training before I back off the mileage . The plan is to do between 75-80 miles this week, culminating with a 20-22 miler on Saturday morning. Highlights of the past 4 weeks include an indoor 18 miler (never again)... back-to-back 12-milers done at planned marathon pace, back-to-back "fast-finish" runs, the first being 8 miles easy, 4 miles at 6-minute pace; the second being 5-miles easy, 4 miles at 6-minute pace. Runner's World says these runs yield the same results as 18-20 slow miles. I hope to come out of this week feeling mentally and physically prepared. Hill workouts have been notably absent from my training, which I'm afraid will keep me from my "A" goal.

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