Apr 8, 2010

And just like that...

...I'm back to swimming again and having an indoor track to run on. The YMCA opened on Monday so Teresa and I took the boys up there last night to get our membership cards and take a look around. They offer child watch so we got the little dudes checked into the play area (which is pretty awesome) and took our time walking through the brand-new facility highlighted by an aquatics room featuring a family pool and a competitive 8-lane pool. The second floor has all the exercise equipment and the indoor track. The indoor track is not the best as it has only 2 lanes and half of it runs through the exercise equipment. There are a ton of treadmills though (all equipped with TV's) so if it's crummy outside and crowded on the track, there's always plan C. As a family, we will take full advantage of all the programs available, including kiddie swim lessons, spin classes, 'Mom-and-Me' Yoga, etc. The new Y will definitely bring a better quality of life to those who make the most of it.

This morning I hit the pool for 20 minutes, ran 2 miles and squeezed in 25 minutes of strength training.

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