Jul 14, 2006

Marathon Mode

In order to continue to tri train and get in peak marathon condition for the fall season, I've decided to go with the FIRST marathon training program. I've read about it in Runner's World and have a few friends that have used it with great success. I really don't like running 6 days a week like I have in the past because it's easy to burn out or peak too early. Plus, I like to run hard on the days that I run. This program is designed with key workouts in mind and actually recommends cross training (i.e. swimming/biking) on the off days, which equate to just about every other day. I've become a strong runner in recent years but am looking to step it up a notch. I'm thinking of giving the Columbus Marathon another go. I ran a poorly strategized race last year there and would like to make up for it with my best marathon yet.


E-Speed said...

yeah yeah but we want to know about the Ironman! ;)

By the way can I tell you how much it sucks you won't be in Chicago with me? We are marathon twins!

I love FIRST. I wish I could justify it for JFK training but I know I am just going to have to suck it up and add in a bunch of high junk mileage in order to get used to running on tired legs for hours on end.

Brian said...

I may still go to Chicago to cheer you on. I miss the windy city.

I'll start posting IM stuff this weekend. I jotted down my thoughts about the race while we were in France. I just need to take time to type them all out.

rice said...

I love starting a new program. Newness of it all I guess. More so when you have a goal like your best marathon to run for.



Papa Louie said...

Brian, I began the FIRST to the Finish marathon training program about 4 weeks ago. I will run the Columbus Marathon. The program is tough but so far is doable. Make sure you calculate all your times for your workouts. All info is at the web site.
I will run my first 20 miler this coming Saturday morning. If you are up to it and want to run let me know. I have to run it around a 7:30 pace. I normally run in Cuyahoga Valley.

Teresa said...

I wanted to thank you Brian for coming up and seeing my patient with me yesterday. It meant the world to me. And maybe you can get a better understanding of what I've been going through this week! Your the best husband any girl could ask for! I'm so glad that you are mine! I'm so proud of everything you do, including the way you support me! I love you!