Jul 18, 2006

My Poor Foot!

Tonight's track workout went really well. Got there early and did 2 miles of warmup and then started into sort of a reverse ladder. 1200, 1000, 800, 600, 400, 200. Lastly we did an 800, which, because of the 200 we had just done, wasn't supposed to feel very fast but was hopefully going to be faster than the first 800 done earlier.

Splits were something like this:

1200 - 4:26
1000 - 3:38
800 - 2:44
600 - 2:01
400 - 1:14
200 - 0:29
800 - 2:48 (Shouldn't have run the 200 so fast!)

I felt a little strained on the first couple laps of the 1200, but my legs/head loosened up shortly thereafter. The FIRST workout will have me running hard just about each and every time out so my track times should reflect this effort.

On a side note... I have a blister on the bottom of my foot that started to break open tonight on the track. It's from Sunday when I decided to run barefoot on the hot pavement. I thought the bottom of our feet are supposed to be tough!

Can you think of a worse place for a blister?


E-Speed said...

so Lou convinced you to try barefoot running? Soudns liek a fun time at the track, glad I didn't come because 1600s by myself would have been boring!

rice said...

I found barefoot a great way to build up the “spring” in your step for the times when you have to make a quick adjustment to your stride to avoid a pothole or something. To add to that I moved the bare foot running to bare foot hiking, on wooded trails not gravel paths. To keep a good pace going you really have to keep your feet moving to all the right spots, you can not just plow through like you would if you were in hard sole boots. And to do that you’ll find most of your steps are on your toes.



A. M. Mericsko said...

Ouchy! But you were a speed demon last night! My favorite was the last 800 where I was given the lead and then just felt the huge gust of wind as you guys all passed me up on the final 150! lol!

Papa Louie said...

That is exactly where I got my blister when I ran barefoot on hot asphalt.