Sep 28, 2006

Cranking 'em out!

Hills on Tuesday morning went great. We finished in 55:50, which is about 3 minutes faster than our normal time. I believe we'll be able to squeeze in another rep before too long! I had to drive all over the west side last night to find a place to do my planned workout of 6x800's (Yasso 800's). I started at Avon Lake's track, which was occupied... as was Rocky River's. Westlake's track was being repaired so I went over to the Westlake Rec Center and used thier outdoor all purpose trail, which is marked in 1/4-mile increments. With my target marathon time of 3-hours or less, I was aiming to run the 800's in 3:00 or less, with minimal recovery time (400m).

1 mile warmup - 7:38:57
1. 800 - 2:42:46 400 - 2:20:21
2. 800 - 2:50:63 400 - 2:20:64
3. 800 - 2:43:74 400 - 2:31:98
4. 800 - 2:55:85 400 - 2:30:70
5. 800 - 2:46:63 400 - 2:38:20
6. 800 - 2:50:92 400 - 2:31:19
1 mile warmdown - 8:05:79

Pretty good, I think. Followed this run up with an easy 10-miler at 5AM this morning. I'm starting to feel more confident. 17 more days until showtime!


E-Speed said...

sweet you could totally do 10 of those at 2:56-2:58

Rock N Roll! Can't wait to hear how you do in Columbus, I may have to drive down to spectate if I am not too hung over from my b-day celebration.

Brian said...
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Brian said...

Keep your fingers crossed for me! I'm just hoping the weather cooperates!

Papa Louie said...

Those are some very impressive times! You should be more confident with your training. Enjoy your taper time!