Sep 9, 2006

A Tough 20!

I was way off my game today! The last 5 miles of this run were just gruelling! I made it through in 2:19:40 (6:58/mile), which, amazingly, was in line with what I was shooting for. Maybe I didn't eat right in the morning. Or maybe today just wasn't my day considering that I locked my keys in my car just before heading out. Regardless, I think I can learn something from this one. I have two more 20-milers to go before taper time. My next 20-miler will be slightly more casual (i.e. 7:30 pace) and hopefully more enjoyable!


R2K said...

: )

Papa Louie said...

Make the best of the remaining two 20 milers. Oatmeal works best for me.