Nov 22, 2006

Marathoners face higher risk of cancer

A co-worker left this article on my desk for me...

WASHINGTON - Marathon runners face a heightened risk of skin cancer, likely due to more sun exposure or an immune system inhibited by arduous exercise, researchers said yesterday.
Researchers at the Medical University of Graz in Austria studied 210 male and female marathon runners and 210 other people of the same age and sex.
The marathon runners were found to have more atypical moles. They also had more so-called liver spots -- small, flat, brownish, harmless lesions, also known as solar lentigines.
The number of these moles and liver spots is considered a strong independent indicator of increased risk or developing malignant melanoma.

Wow, and how much money was spent on this study? Good to know that long term exposure to the sun is still harmful!


E-Speed said...

I saw that study and thought the same thing. Fortunately if you wear sunscreen you will most likely be at the same risk as all the lazy couch potatoes who never go out in the sun ;)

Oh and that's kind of rude for your coworker to do that. I love when non runners like to inform you about how your habits are bad for you.

Curly Su said...