Jan 23, 2007

5:00AM Speedwork

Seems nutty to be running 800 meter repeats by quarter after five in the morning, but I succumbed to peer pressure once again and bit the bullet! At first I felt really fresh because I haven't done any type of speedwork in nearly a month. I felt light on my feet and was breathing easy. Near the end of the first 800 I began feeling it! The legs still felt OK, but the breathing became labored and the cold air didn't help. It took me until the 3rd 800 to get a feel for running hard and the 4th and 5th repeats felt great. We finished the 5th repeat 1.75 miles from where we started allowing us a nice cooldown. When we made it back to the homestretch I saw my parents van in the distance. It threw me a little because I'm used to seeing my car. However, my poor little car has a little clutch issue at the moment and is receiving some TLC. Oh yeah, I should also mention that the toenail on the second toe of my left foot fell off again. That' like the 4th time since I started running. It's never black and blue (or yellow for that matter). It just has never recovered from my first marathon when my shoes were probably too tight.


E-Speed said...

I wish my toenail would fall off. I think it is ingrown now and I am going to have to see a podiatrist. NO FUN!

Anytime you want to skip those early morning runs feel free to come to the Tuesday night crowd! I have to get in my tempo runs and could use a pacer! ;)

Papa Louie said...

I haven't had a toe nail come off yet after over 20 years running. It doesn't sound good. I hope it heals well and you figure out why it happens.

Brian said...

It's not a painful thing at all! Imagine a fresh toenail taking shape in the background. When it's ready, the old one just sort of pops off. Gross, weird, strange... but true!