Dec 28, 2006

Head Bangin' AM

I slammed my head into the corner of a shelf near my front door after having bent over to slip my shoes on. I wasn't too pleased about that although it did wake me up from the morning haze I was in. I now have a small but highly visible gash on my head. Ouch! No one at my work has said anything yet so either they haven't noticed it or they're being polite by not bringing it up. Anyway, it was 40°F for this mornings 10-miler, which felt very comfortable. I may have overdressed slightly but not too much. Finished in 1:18 on the nose (7:48's). Legs felt good. Hips, feet, etc. are all cool. I love my yellow shoes!

1 comment:

Papa Louie said...

ouch! I hurt thinking about you smacking your head. Happy New Year!