May 20, 2007


Nearly two minutes faster than my previous PR last fall in Columbus! At this rate I'll set the world marathon record in about 25 years! My heart, head, body and soul are filled with content at this moment after having yet another fabulous marathon experience. Let's just say I'm an incredibly blessed individual. I've spoke of "moments" before and here are my top ten eleven from today (in chronological order)...

1. Kissing Teresa goodbye as she wished me good luck before leaving the house
2. Running into Elizabeth and Janet before the race start and sharing in our excitement
3. Seeing for the first time all of my family and friends who came out to support me at mile marker 6
4. Running eastbound on the shoreway opposite the runners still heading westbound and literally receiving hundreds of "GO TEAM" cheers
5. Noticing Athena and Bryce rushing to the corner near mile 10 to catch me just in the nick of time
6. Seeing Teresa and our nephew Michael by the art museum and stopping for a kiss
7. High fiving a small pack of Team In Training supporters near mile 17 and overhearing one of them say "he's not even out of breath!"
8. Meeting up with Bryce at mile 20.5 and having him pace me through mile 25
9. Running with both Bryce and his fiance Annie (a Cleveland TNT Coach) for a few minutes near mile 23
10. Seeing and pulling some positive vibes from Lou at mile 23
11. Hearing my name announced as the first Team In Training finisher and crossing the finish line in under 3 hours


E-Speed said...

FIRST TNT Finisher!!!! You are so awesome B! Fantastic job out there! I am betting you were in short company of those that pr'ed, yesterday really wasn't a PR day but you did it and that makes it even more awesome!

Papa Louie said...

You were running great at the 23 mile mark when I saw you. Congratulations on a great run. Rest well.

DaisyDuc said...

All of your dedication is really showing off! What a fantastic job and time on that course!

Great to see ya out there and get a chance to wish luck to the FIRST TNT finisher. Ya even had the energy to take your arm up at the end!!!

Curly Su said...

wow, brian. congratulations. wish i could have been there to cheer you on...

A. M. Mericsko said...

Nice job Brian! You kicked some butt!! And thanks for including me in your top 11 list!

Neese said...

EXCELLENT!! Congratulations on such a strong and important finish. And what a special list, you are blessed indeed, enjoy the afterglow.

Kim said...

um you're a rockstar! :) congrats on the PR!!! go TNT!