May 4, 2007

Take Two

The 1/2-marathon that was postponed 3 weeks ago has been rescheduled for tomorrow morning. I'm going to hit it hard because this weekend is essentially the end of my marathon training followed by a 2 week taper/rest period before Cleveland. I can't believe how fast time has passed. It seems like yesterday I was obsessing on this blog about the potential of peaking too early or burning out. Three days ago I ran my final set of Yasso 800's, which went very well. 8x800 m, all done at 2:48 or less (2:30 rest intervals). If the conditions on May 20 are good, I may shoot to run in the low to mid 2:50's and see what happens. I feel I've trained very hard and consistent since mid-February and I may as well shoot for the stars on race day. I'm flirting with the idea of carrying my ipod with me in case I need a kick in the rear at the end. A small dose of White Zombie's "Welcome to Planet Mother Fu#*er" or Korn's "Divine" would do it.


Neese said...

WOW a half tomorrow, you'll do well! I've never heard of that White Zombie song but by the title it should do the trick! :) (I'm gonna try to answer your question on my comment, this weekend, it wasn't spiderman tho, better :)) have a good race!

Brian said...

Better than Spiderman? That can only leave one of two people... Superman or Tiger Woods : )

E-Speed said...

thanks for the well wishes Brian! You are going to rock Cleveland in two weeks!