Aug 28, 2007

Lunar Eclipse of the Heart

I thought for sure I'd miss the lunar eclipse last night only because I assumed it would take place between midnight and 4AM. But to my surprise, it was just starting at about 4:30 when I woke up to head out for my morning run. I took notice of it as we started our 2-mile warmup to North Olmsted's track. The top of the moon looked partially covered (almost like cloud cover at this point). We launched into our track workout by 5:15 and near the end of the first 400, the top of the moon was "disappearing". Three 600's and two 800's later, only a tiny sliver at the bottom was white. The rest of the moon was now a shade of red. Really, what a cool way to watch an eclipse. I ran the final 400 in 70 seconds, which I thought was good considering the time of day and having no one to pace with. Cooled down with the short run back to my car.

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