Aug 13, 2007

An Update, Finally!

I've got a handful of things to report on since my last post 2+ weeks ago.

1. On August 8th at 6:46AM, my brother and his wife became the proud parents of a baby girl (Hannah Grace). She was 7 lbs, 14 oz and 20" long.
2. Painting commences in the twins room on August 8th (before and after pictures to come).
3. Officially registered for the Akron Marathon on September 29th.
4. Fairport Lighthouse Triathlon was a blast! Slow swim, decent bike, smokin' run.
5. FCK safe and sound in Arizona. His going away party was great!
6. First Team In Training group run this past Saturday followed by a pancake breakfast.


SoupKitchen said...

Thanks for the comments on your blog and mine. I finished the race at 24:37. I stopped to walk 3 times. So I'm guessing I could have done 23 minutes and thats not being in running shape. Going to start training for the PF chang 1/2 marathon soon.

Neese said...

i'm a dork face. totally didn't think to write you before our trip. agh.

LOVE the sweet Hannah Grace :)

DaisyDuc said...

Congratulations Uncle Brian!