Dec 19, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays! 2008 will be nothing but a memory before too long. Things with the twins are getting more and more interesting by the day. Both little guys are walking (practically running), are very curious, and very loving towards Teresa and I as well as each other. There's already some sibling rivalry but they make up with each other in no time. Just yesterday Teresa caught on film one of the things I've been looking forward to ever since before they were born. I saw on a TV program about multiples how at approximately 1-year of age, one of their favorite games will be to play with each other through a thin sheet placed between them. It's supposedly very much like simulating their "playtime" through amniotic sacs while in the womb. They were giggling like crazy. Too cute.

122 days until Boston (17-1/2 weeks). I believe I'm in good enough shape to begin an advanced level training program that I've developed for myself with the help of Jack Daniels and Joe Bowman. I've got sub-3 on the brain. Have no idea if it's do-able, but I'm gonna shoot for it. Sometimes getting in "sub-3" shape is more rewarding than realizing the actual goal.

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