Nov 12, 2008


Friday, while Teresa and I were at work, Caden took his first steps with the help of Teresa's parents. It was such a nice treat to come home from work and see him taking 3-4 wobbly steps before crashing. We practiced some more over the weekend and he's now walking steadily for about 10-15 feet. The look on his face is priceless. So proud of himself. What's more entertaining is the look on Cole's face as he watches in amazement with a big smile.

This past week has been perfect running weather and I've taken advantage by getting out in the mornings for an hour or so. My new favorite piece of running gear is my Nike Sphere Dry Hoody. I can wear it as a mask or pull it down under my nose/mouth if I get too warm. Also, it provides complete coverage of my ears and neck. My Bolega socks are a close second at this point.

Direct your positive vibes south this weekend as Elizabeth returns to Richmond, VA to tackle their marathon. Give it hell!

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