Feb 9, 2010

Goodbye Morning Running

I think it's officially time for me to accept that morning running just ain't working anymore. Ever since last summer, one thing after another has kept me from getting out before sunrise on a regular basis. I've used about every excuse in the book. Some legitimate and some not so legitimate. Nonetheless, it's time for me to let go and figure out a better time of day to run. At the moment, since I no longer have the option to run indoors, the snow is making it difficult to run regardless of the time.

Fingers crossed, the new YMCA will open mid-March and I'll have roughly 4 weeks to squeeze in certain workouts that are best done on a track. Until then, I have to suck it up, stop being bitter, and head out at lunch or late in the evening after the smallzies are in bed. My lack of training since last winter/spring is reflective in my most recent marathon times and I do not want the trend to continue! Time to walk the walk!

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