Apr 11, 2006

Loosening the Legs

Did some light speedwork on the track tonight with a group of about 12! The workout consisted of 3x400 (3:00 rest in between), 3x800 (5:00 rest in between) and 3x400 again. Lou and I paced off of each other the whole time and managed to record some pretty fast times. I think our fastest 400 was 1:09 and the fastest 800 was 2:43. My goal, especially in the 400's, was to establish a good pace for the first 200 and bring it home strong. It's funny how you can feel your legs start to go at certain points. I'm convinced that having someone to pace with is the only way to maintain pace at these times. Perhaps I can apply the same logic to Boston for the final miles when 1/2 of my leg muscles are chillin' back at Heartbreak Hill.

Went to eat at Olive Garden with Teresa, Nikya, Steve and Bridget. Food was awesome and I even got a good luck present from S&B. They were thoughtful enough to put together a bag of goodies to keep me occupied on the plane, including a puzzle book, some dry-erase markers, a bag of Skittles and some Sunkist jellybeans! Steve also brought along some Tyr goggles for me to try out in the pool when I return.

Stretching w/ Nikya

My Goodie Bag!!


E-Speed said...

uggh I lost my fave goggles last week. My other ones leak the whole time.

Fun goodies!

Is it Saturday yet?

Papa Louie said...

Greetings! Thanks for a great workout yesturday on the track. You're right it is great to have someone to pace with in order to maintain a tough workout. Have fun and a great race in Boston! Lou

E-Speed said...

that picture of you stretching is so cute!