Apr 5, 2006

Speed-Work Tuesday

After all of the long runs I've been doing lately, I really felt the need to get out and do some speedwork. Half of our normal group was attending a triathlon clinic tonight so it was a small group of 5 of us. The track was being used for a track meet...bastards!, so we made up our own "mile" course and did mile repeats. Sweet Lou took off a little too fast for my liking on the first mile so I dropped back and fell into a pace I was comfy with (knowing that I had 2 more to come). The wind was whipping pretty good tonight so half of our loop was really tough while the other half was a breeze, literally! We adjusted our loop after the first rep because our times were telling us that it was a couple hundred meters short. The final 2 reps were a little closer to a full mile, but not quite there. It was still a good workout and I was happy to become reaquainted with my fast-twitch muscle fibers.

I checked the 10-day weather forecast for Boston and it's looking like overcast 50's up until Friday the 14th. Doesn't look like it's going to be too warm, but there's a chance it'll be a little too cold and possibly rainy.


E-Speed said...

The last two times I went to the track you guys weren't there so I bailed and did hills last night!

E-Speed said...

ps bring on the low 50s!