May 4, 2006

Quatro de Mayo

Weather was perfect this evening for a bike/run brick. Taking advantage of the daylight, I started out on the bike at 6:00 and went 'til about 8:15 (about 39 miles). I'm getting very accoustomed to the course I ride on and have just about mastered the gearing for the various hills, etc. Like most routes, I've broken this one up into sections, which makes it a little easier to bear from a mental standpoint. I'm starting to power up hills with greater ease and less decelleration. I still don't like pedalling in the lower gears! Too much work and not much in return : ) Somewhere out in Strongsville, I was accompanied by a guy training for a century ride in a couple of weeks. We compared speeds on our bike computers and clipped away at about 19 mph for 20 minutes or so until we it one of my favorite downhill sections. Either my bike is really fast or he was holding back because before I knew it he was about 30 seconds behind me. Anyway, the final 10 miles or so were uneventful and I got back to my car feeling great. Made the transition to my running gear and headed out for an easy 6 miles. I didn't bring my watch with me this time because I wanted to go more on feel. Legs felt a little wobbly at first, but landed firmly underneath me after 3-5 minutes and felt good as new from there on. I was motivated by the thought of a Ciabatta bread sandwich from Donato's. I gotta admit, I'm a sucker for a good marketing campaign! I'll even pay more money for something if it's been marketed well. I guess that's the artist in me appreciating the thought process involved with planning a good commercial or print add. Got home and hooked up our new DVR! Finally, I can record all my favorite History Channel shows that are on past my "bed time".

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E-Speed said...

How's Ironman training going? Have you been getting out with Bryce and Kurt a lot?

Man I am already getting behind on half ironman workouts and I am just in base phase. I think after Steelhead I am going back to Olympic. Fast and "short" baby! Leave this long stuff to the pros! (Well unles sit is long trail runs, then give it to me!)

Have a great weekend!