May 13, 2006

Thankful for Mother Nature

Yeah, yeah, yeah... I know we really need rain around here, but not on a Saturday when I've got a long bike ride planned! Luckily, I found a 4 hour pocket to get in a 67-miler. Started off at the Marina and went out to the Berea Falls and back. I stopped briefly at my car to refil on some Gatorade and then headed over to Edgewater Park where I met Liz. She was up for 30 so we made our way back down to the reservation and rode out to the Spafford Road hill. This is one tough little hill. The payoff is pretty sweet though. Once at the top, you find yourself staring directly down the runway of the Cleveland Airport. Liz and I marveled at the landing planes while refueling and then I marveled at my clumsiness as I fell over trying to get going again. It really sucks being locked into your pedals as your laying on the ground. Luckily I have a sense of humor about myself and was able to laugh it off : ) I felt sore at times during the ride. My butt, my arms and mostly my lower back will probably be yelling at me tomorrow. I've always tried to do lots and lots of push-ups to kep me running strong, but I really need to start doing some lower back stuff. Liz mentioned using one of those big aerobic balls. In the end, I totaled 67 miles. I would have gone a few more but it started to rain harder just as I pulled into the marina. Turned out to be a great ride on what I was fearing was going to be a pretty miserable day!

Feelin' pretty good after 62 miles!


E-Speed said...

Kick Butt! Thanks for riding with me! I totally forgot about you falling. Don't worry it happens to the best of us!

A. M. Mericsko said...

If your bum is sore, try rolling around on a golf ball. Sounds strange, but it helps to loosen up that siatic (sp?) nerve!

Papa Louie said...

Yeah, tipping over while clipped in once or twice a year happens to me.
Working out with the exercise ball has made a big difference in my core strength this off season. I'll have to show you some cool stuff to do with it.