May 9, 2006

Spring has Sprung!

Now that the warm weather has hit, I've been able to get in some great workouts of late. With little wind and moderate temperatures, the conditions have been ideal for biking. My goal from now until the end of June is to ride 200 miles/week combined with some solid swims and runs. I've maintained about 35 miles per week of running since Boston and I've been hitting the pool about 4 days a week (usually in the morning). A few of my friends just finished what appeared to be a very challenging triathlon in California but I'm hoping they can bounce back within a week or two so we can do some group workouts. I do so much better with a little help from my friends.

I'm in the process of customizing my bike for the upcoming racing season. I've yet to install my bike computer and I need to have a bike shop install some screws on the top tube and down tube of my frame so I have room for another water bottle and a handheld air pump. I'm also thinking about taking out a couple of spacers from my stem to allow for more of an aerodynamic position when in the aero bars. Whoa... I just made myself hungry by writing aero bars... Have you ever had the Nestle chocolate bar called Aero? If not, it's worth the trip to Europe or a specialty chocolate store to grab one!


E-Speed said...

Too bad you are probably a cycling speedster or I would ride with you!

I am doing the moms day 5k on Sunday in Independence and then a bike ride. Want to pace me for a 19:59? ;)

A. M. Mericsko said...

Did you think of a good name for your bike yet?