Oct 13, 2006


I'm getting a little flustered having really pulled back on the running these last few days. Thank god it's Friday! Tomorrow I leave for Columbus! It's supposed to be low 40's at the start of the marathon and mid-50's by the end. I'm planning on wearing arm warmers (used when biking in the cool weather) and a light beanie of sorts (don't want my dome to get cold!). My race strategy is somewhat simple... run even splits all the way. I'm going to attack the last 10 miles or so as if each one of them is my final and most important mile. 10 individual 1-mile races. Oh god, I'm making myself nervous!


Papa Louie said...

I like your simple race strategy. Go get em! See you out there.

E-Speed said...

just don't go out too fast and you will be fine! Good Luck I will be thinking of you!