Oct 27, 2006

Recovery Mode

I'm fully enjoying my recovery period after having run my marathon 2 weeks ago. Part of me is dying to get back on the roads but I'm somewhat limited in my ability to do so because of some pain in my right knee. I'll take that as a sign to chill out for another week or two. I have this crazy idea to run a marathon on the evening of my 30th birthday (Jan 10). I think it falls on a Wednesday this year. I'm not trying to turn back the hands of time or anything like that. I mean, the last time I checked (about 6 years ago) I had the lungs of a 9 year old, and that was before I started to run! I just think running 26.2 to commemorate such an occasion would be fun and a good story to tell down the road. So I'm in no rush to start running again. I figure I'll be just fine if I'm back to doing 5+ miles by mid-November.

Bridget just ran the Nike 26.2 Women's Marathon in San Francisco and Elizabeth rocked Chicago on a pretty crummy day that saw the men's winner nearly split his head open as he slipped on a plastic decal placed at the finish line. Poor guy. Athena and Jen are running Marine Corp this weekend. Kick a$$ ladies!


E-Speed said...

I feel you on the bod needing a break!!! I looked at what I had planned training wise before all of this for the next 3 weeks. I must have been on some serious drugs :)

My plan is now run as little as possible to maintain fitness and let my mind get me from mile 30 to 50 even if I have to walk the whole way :)

Papa Louie said...

Enjoy your recovery and I hope your knee recovers well too.

A. M. Mericsko said...

Thanks Brian! D.C. was a blast!