Oct 3, 2006

Who Turned Up the Heat?

...I murmured to myself as I finished the first of 8 hills this morning. I believe it was 65°F when I stepped out the door wearing fleece pants and my fleece Boston jacket, which was rather comfortable, and probably would have been the perfect attire if all I planned on doing was standing at the base of the hill watching my friends pass by. After 57:50, I was relieved to be done; my head dripping sweat and my Columbus Marathon 2005 long sleeve rolled up to my elbows. The actual act of running went fine. I hit the 2nd and 4th repeats hard as usual and felt relatively good after having gone long less than 48 hours earlier. My hips, etc. usually ache after a long run, but not this time. I'll take that as a good sign. I'm going to concentrate on stretching and positive imagery over the next 12 days.

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Papa Louie said...

Nice to have good signs to indicate that things are going well. Thanks for the reminder of stretching and positive imagery during our taper time.