May 12, 2008

Chomping at the Bit

Six days until race day. I learned back in 2004 that consuming oneself with a race too far in advance can lead to burnout/letdown. Not that I have time to be consumed with anything other than all things baby related, I've made a concsious effort not to look at the marathon web page or check the weather forecast until just recently. Logging on to I discovered a change to the course that's major in that 3 miles are affected (10-12), but minor in that it does not dramatically affect the elevation. I was hoping they yanked the climb up W. 3rd between mile 23 and 24. No such luck.


E-Speed said...

nope they just traded bridges really. You are going to do great out there!

ramblings of a runnner said...

what did they change on the course?

Brian said...

new bridge. no longer crossing paths with the outgoing runners on the shoreway. No longer running past the Jake. Jumping onto Chester Road from the North instead of the South.