May 9, 2008


A good week of taper runs. 5 miles at pace on Thursday, 4 miles of treadmill hills this morning. Plan to run an easy 8 on Sunday and then wrap it all up with some 400 meter intervals on Tuesday followed by an easy 3-4 miles on Wednesday.

I've got a gameplan for the marathon. No idea what the weather is going to be like on race morning. It's been pretty rainy of late. If not rainy, overcast and dreary. I'll take dreary so long as the temps and winds are mild at the start.

Some new pics of the twins are below! Can't say enough about these little guys! They're amazing in every way!

Cole - May 1st

Caden - May 1st


Neese said...

my brother ran in the Cleveland Clinic Nursing 5k recently and got second in his age you know about that race? Did you run it? The boys are gorgeous!

Brian said...

My wife is a nurse at University Hospitals... rival to the clinic : ) I have heard of it and considered running in the past but things were a little too crazy this year. Props to your bro!!

Papa Louie said...

I just love those big bright eyes! I'm sure they're a lot of work but even more a lot of joy.