Jul 8, 2008


Had a great 4th of July weekend! We spent a lot of time outside eating grilled hamburgers, playing bocce ball and constantly avoiding UV-B rays. Thank god for SPF-50! Teresa and I get loads of comments on how "good" Caden and Cole are, which is nice, but it makes me think of the thousands of good babies that have a hard time being out-and-about and would be labeled as "bad". We're doing a good job as parents but we're also very lucky in that our little guys have settled into a schedule that many parents only dream of.

I was recently asked by a friend what milestones the boys have hit and I didn't have a real good answer. It seems like every day they're doing something new/different but nothing that can be easily described or summed up in words. I mean, how does one explain the silly new faces being made or goofy laughter or puckering of the lips resulting in a funny noise. So many little things... Caden has started to sleep on his side... Cole likes to shake his head when he's had enough food... In the last month or two, they've both come to enjoy bathtime (except when I give them a bath and forget to put the bath pad down). The major milestones, other than sleeping through the night... they've been doing that for 2+ months, are right around the corner. Crawling, walking, talking, feeding themselves, etc.

I've been slowly working on a scrapbook for each of the boys and have a goal to finish by the 15th (one week from today). I enjoy scrapbooking but tend to get carried away, spending way too much time on one page.... which is why it's taken me so long.

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ramblings of a runnner said...

i'd love to see the scrapbooks when you are done!