Nov 5, 2008

A Plan?

In 2-3 weeks, I will start peppering in some workouts specifically designed by one of the most consistent sub-3 hour marathoners in the world, Joe Bowman. In the meantime I plan to increase my mileage by running 5-6 days a week and doubling up on at least 2 of those days. To keep from getting bored, I'll hit up a different route each day and add some variety to my ipod. I think my favorite route will be the French Creek Reservation, about 2 miles from our house. The main trail winds 3/4 of a mile (mostly uphill) to a flat loop just over a mile in length. Just off of the loop is a 3/4 mile access road to the Reservation, catering to measured intervals on pavement. I'll run indoors when it's too cold and will strength 2-3 days during the week (either at home or at the gym). Geez, all this sounds too much like a plan.

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