Aug 28, 2006

...on becoming an early bird

I truly believe my life would be better if I was a morning person. I'm at a point in my life where there's no longer a need to be a night owl. I just can't flip the switch though. Sometimes I get the overwhelming urge to throw a movie in late at night almost as if to say, "I'm gonna stick it to "the man" tomorrow by being tired and non-productive all day". However, I always end up falling asleep ten minutes into the movie and my rebellious attitude dissipates as quickly as my dreams appear. I have committed three days a week to waking up early to run with a small group that I trained with leading up to the most recent Boston Marathon. It's funny how I can be on my fourth hill repetition at 6AM on Tuesday morning and come Wednesday at 6AM I'm praying to God that I set my alarm clock wrong the night before. It can't possibly be time to get up already!! I like the person I am on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. Now, I either have to work on those other 3-4 days (I deserve at least one day of sleeping in), or accept that I'm not a morning person, I'm never going to be a morning person and it's perfectly normal that I feel and act like the Incredible Hulk in mid-transformation most mornings.

With all that said, I had a great week of running last week including 8 miles of hill work, a 9 mile tempo run and a 14 mile long run to cap off the week.


Papa Louie said...

Is that why I missed you last Saturday morning for our 18 mile run? I know what you mean by looking forward to that off day to sleep in. I like to think I'll sleep in 2 to 2 /12 hours but find I can only sleep an hour more than my normal 6:15am wake up call. Let me know when you're up to get a long run in on a coming Saturday morning.

Brian said...

How about a 20-miler on September 9th? The River Run (1/2 marathon) is on the 10th, but I think we're due for 20 that weekend. What do you think?