Aug 31, 2006

Columbus it is.

I sent in my registration for the Columbus Marathon yesterday. Unfortunately Teresa is working the weekend of the race but with so much else happening in the weekends leading up to and following Columbus, it's about the only one open for me. The race won't be the same without my biggest supporter waiting for me at the end and snapping photos throughout! The only race Teresa's missed since I picked up running four years ago is the 2003 Buffalo Marathon. My parents were with me that day and boy was it a tough day. Fresh off of my first marathon in Cleveland the month before, the marathon bug hit me hard and left me all but staggering to the finish line in Buffalo. I'm looking for a bit of redemtion this year in Columbus. I'm not too worried about finishing under a certain time, but more about running a good race and having some juice in the tank to run the final 5-6 miles consistent with the rest of the race.

I've continued running hills on Tuesday and tempos on Thursday. The weekend runs have been a little off from where I should be but I have 3 more 20-milers planned and a great running partner to do them with. I'm also back to doing 120-150 push-ups a night along with some dumbell curls and/or lateral arm raises along with some ab-work to help strengthen my core (and to look ripped up in those finish line pics!).

So Columbus it is... Maybe this year I'll actually notice Ohio State's football stadium when I run by it. It's a hard thing to miss but I managed to do so last year.


A. M. Mericsko said...

Don't feel bad about missing the stadium because I found a way to miss it two years in a row and Jen still makes fun of me for it. In fact, in one of the marathon pictures taken you can see the stadium right next to me! LOL!

Papa Louie said...

Congratulations on your decision to race the Columbus marathon! I hope you figured a good way to get your 3 - 20 milers in because according to the FIRST schedule we have 15 this weekend, following with 20, 15, 20, 13, 10, then marathon. We are more than half way done with the schedule. It's exciting!

Brian said...

I'll do the 20 with you on the 9th followed by 22 the following week (four weeks out) and the final 20 two weeks from the race. Tapering for more than two weeks is bad for my health : )

Teresa said...

You know that I will be there with you in my heart cheering you on! I love you so much and I"m so proud of you!!! I'm sorry I have to be at stupid work!! Since we aren't going to chicago.. maybe I can switch! We'll see!:) I might be there yet!