Aug 15, 2006

A Memorable 24 hours

The weather around here has finally started to cool off a little so at 9PM on Monday night I decided to go out for an easy 4-miler. On my drive over to the start of my route, I called Cathy and committed to getting up early Tuesday AM to run hills with her and Kevin. I had also planned on doing a track workout on Tuesday evening per my FIRST schedule.

Monday 9PM - Felt great running around Westlake for an easy 4 miles (27:12).

Tuesday - 4:30AM came a little early but I managed to get out the door in time and was climbing my first hill by 5:05AM. We did 8 miles total on a course that's best described as a long half pipe. Up, down, up, down.... repeat. (58:56).

Tuesday - 6:30PM, 2x800, 2x400, 2x800, 2x400*

*Final 400's were done as a relay. Liz and I combined to run a 5:12 mile!!

800 - 2:54:07
800 - 2:44:95
400 - 1:18:23
400 - 1:14:72

800 - 2:54:46
800 - 2:42:57
400 - 1:09:66
400 - 1:09:74

The track workout went great! I felt some minor abdominal cramping every now and then, but nothing that stopped me from running hard. Looking back at our times, we were really consistent.

Afterwords, Liz and I went for some Italian grub down in Little Italy where the Feast of the Assumption was still going on. We grabbed some to-go cavatelli and took it to Teresa at work. She thanked us by accidently spilling this nasty smelling liquid on Liz's arm while forcing her to take a whif. Luckily it was something that Teresa's patients drink so it didn't burn a hole through her skin!

Roughly 18 miles in less than 24 hours. I need some sleep!


E-Speed said...

Damn we're fast ;)

Papa Louie said...

Your speed looks very much like mine. How are your long runs going? I've done a 20 miler and a 18 miler since we ran. I am running 18 this Saturday (around 7:00 miles).