Aug 10, 2006

Summer Blues

Every winter I sit and wait for the summer to arrive and promise myself that I'll spend as much time outside as humanly possible. This past winter was no different and although you could never tell from my complexion, I have spent a lot of time soaking up the sun in what has been a very unusual summer to date. My parents fell victim to what is now being called the flood of the millenium in Painesville. 90°F weather has plagued the nation for weeks at a time sending electric companies into crisis mode and leaving annoying messages on my voicemail.

It's these reasons that have made me feel less burdened at the fact I haven't been following my training schedule nearly as close as I should be. I have, however, continued to swim on occasion and have pounded out some pretty impressive bike rides of late. I've been impressed anyway! I swear my legs must have thought I was applying cruel and unusual punishment to them in France because they've been a lot more dependable on the bike, especially on hills.

I've got a tempo run planned this evening and am hoping I come out of it feeling like a runner again. Afterwards, in case the run doesn't build up my confidence, I'm going to hang my Boston Marathon posters up in what's slowly but surely becoming my trophy room.


E-Speed said...

I am supposed to do tempo tonight to but I don't think it is going to happen. Interested in a 15 mile trail run Saturday morning early?

Papa Louie said...

Sorry to hear about your parents. I hope all is well with them.
Hang in there the oppressive hot days are behind us for a little while. And your training should be fine. At least you are not injured that's keeping you from getting out. Hopefully, your run went well and you can say goodbye summer blues.

Curly Su said...

i'm having trouble getting motivated too...thought signing up for the phili marathon would help, but i'm still just sitting around my apartment...argh! i miss you guys!