Apr 9, 2007

April "Snow" Showers

I ran outside four times in the past week. Unfortunately, I was plodding through the snow three of the four days. Ohio weather... gotta love it. I had a fairly high-mileage weekend, running 16 with my Team In Training group on Saturday morning and 20 on Sunday with Cathy and Dan. On Sunday I went out early to do 8 before meeting up with the two of them for the final 12. It snowed quite a bit throughout each of my weekend runs but it wasn't all that cold. I'm resting today since my schedule this week is pretty intense and I've decided to cap it off by racing a 1/2-Marathon in Huron on Saturday morning. My goal is to run under 1:23, which would be about 6:20 pace. Weather shouldn't hold me back any as it is currently snow free in Huron and temps are supposed to be in the upper 40's on Saturday. Should be perfect!


Neese said...

you run so fast I don't feel worthy posting on your blog! have a great training week and half marathon!! I'm looking forward to the report!

Brian said...

Speed in running is all relative! The important thing is that we're all having fun and enjoying living a healthy lifestyle in the process!

Papa Louie said...

Have a great week and run well this weekend. I think you're in better shape than a 1:23. Anyway, have fun.