Apr 11, 2007

The Results Are In

I just received the results of a recent physical and learned that I have a heart condition called sinus bradycardia, a heart rhythm that originates from the sinus node and has a rate of under 60 bpm (mine was 46 bpm). This can be the result of many things including medications, some forms of heart block and good physical fitness! Cool, huh? I originally started running to lower my cholesterol - which is now a perfectly normal 166 - and I've since managed to lower my resting heartrate to an alarming level! I wonder how many other marathon runners / endurance athletes have this "problem". Remember when G-Dub had a fainting incident after choking on a pretzel a few years ago? That was a result of sinus bradycardia, which he has. His coughing stimulated a nerve that slowed his already slow heart rate enough to lose consciousness briefly.

Anyway, did a quick 5 this morning (33:40) and 35 minutes of strength training. Tempo tomorrow and then a day of rest before the 1/2-marathon on Saturday. My Mom is going to come with me and act as my cheering section and official race photographer!


E-Speed said...

is it a serious problem> Did they reccommend more couch time to alleviate the symptoms ;)

Where are you racing?

Good Luck!

Neese said...

hmm i'm not sure if i should say "i'm sorry" or "cool" -- hope all is ok and it's nothing serious. ah yes i remember that pretzel incident!

Papa Louie said...

You'll have to let us know the good and bad about this condition. I hope it's no big deal and that it's a result of good physical fitness. Have a great weekend.

DaisyDuc said...

Wow, these conditions of people with great physical fitness are really something.

That is a quick 5!