Apr 18, 2007

Proud of my Boston Peeps!

I had a blast on Monday tracking my friends who ran in the Boston Marathon. Although I was planted at a desk hundreds of miles away, their strategies were obvious based on 5K splits. What seemed to work best was taking advantage of the downhill start and purposefully running a fast first half and slowing down by nearly a minute per mile for the second half. Pretty bold strategy to say the least but it paid off (said runner finished in 2:50:49!).

My training for Cleveland is going well. I haven't missed a scheduled run in nearly 4 weeks, which is a good sign because usually I'd have started slacking a little at this point of marathon prep. With less than 5 weeks to go, I shouldn't have a problem holding on. Recent run of note was on Saturday, 6 miles at planned marathon pace (37:53, 6:19 pace).

Congratulations all you Boston heroes! I was very proud on Monday and made a point to tell everyone I knew how well you did!


Papa Louie said...

Glad to hear your training is going well. Hey, should I run Cleveland with you? I'm thinking...

DaisyDuc said...

Way to stay focused and FAST!!! I can't wait to run Cleveland with ya...or in your dust anyways!