Nov 26, 2007

Home Sweet Home

On Tuesday November 20th, 2007 we brought Caden and Cole home from the hospital! I was able to capture on video our final moments in the hospital and their first time in their new home. We're still working out the bugs on how to best care for them as it's all so new and somewhat different than caring for a full-term baby. 'Constant vigilence' is the inside joke Teresa and I are using at this point (fans of The Office will understand). I may just Google "how to maintain a food processor" because that's pretty much all they are. Damn cute food processors!!

What I've learned so far?:

1. Make the most of every second of free time in your day
2. Newborns will eat your hand if you let them
3. They will also eat their own shirt
4. Diaper changes can be made into a game
5. Newborn cloths do not necessarily fit newborns


E-Speed said...

awwe. so glad you got your boys home! I am sure all the sleepless nights and days will be worth it in the end!

Neese said...

oh the office rules.
such adorable little fellas there :-)

Curly Su said...

so cute!! i love the hats. congrats, brian...

Papa Louie said...

Now the love and care will increase. Happy fathering and mothering to you two.