Nov 12, 2007

The Little Guy

As of a half-hour ago, Caden will be discharged sometime this afternoon! Cole is still having some issues that will keep him in the hospital for another week or two. Again, nothing too serious, just a couple of things the doctors need to see resolved before he too gets the boot!

Caden has been the stronger of the two since day 1 (nearly 4 weeks ago) so it's not surprising to Mom and I that he's ready to go home first. It sounds silly to say this so early on in his life, but I'm so proud of him for how amazing a brother he's been of late with Cole not feeling good and being very dependent on Teresa and I. It's almost as if Caden senses the need for Cole to have most of our attention. I've seen this type of behavior in our dogs and am amazed that one can sense when the other is down.

This past month has been an incredible look into what lies in store for us as parents of twins.

Caden - Ready to go home!


E-Speed said...

awwe what a cutie! Hope that little brother Cole is ready to go home soon too.

Neese said...

oh goodness you just made me cry, great insight and perspective on the brotherly thing Oh I'd be so proud too! Sweet, sweet Caden, he loves his little bro Cole :)

Josh K said...

I got your wife's mass email today. Glad to know the boys are getting bigger and stronger. Hard to imagine, but I as well was a month premature and I was as small as your two boys... Look how I turned out!!! :)

I do need to talk to you about something we're thinking about getting into, and well, its road racing... I'm sure you're busy, but my email is

Thinking of you and the family, if you guys need anything, get a hold of me.