Nov 14, 2007

Jogging Stroller

Seven miles at 5AM on Wednesday morning worked wonders to clear my head of all that's been clogging it up of late. I must've knocked out 2-3 of those miles at near 6-minute pace despite not having tempo or speed trained in 5-6 weeks. I'll take that as a good thing. If I can maintain 3-4 days of solid running per week, I may shoot for another sub-3 at Cleveland in the spring (wish me luck : )

Speaking of spring, my Team in Training friends hooked me up with an amazing jogging stroller to use next year. It recommends the babies be 6 months before jogging with them in it so the May/June timeframe will work out perfect. My goal is to wear out the tires in one season! Don't know if that's possible, but I'll try! My friend who owns Fleet Feet Northfield picked out the stroller and all I can say is that I owe him and everyone who chipped in on it a world of thanks. It will without question go a long way in enriching the lifes of Caden, Cole, Teresa and myself.


E-Speed said...

sweet resistance training! :)

racephan™ said...

Hey B, I saw a guy running a 10k Sunday with his kids asleep in one of these. At the finish, I believe his time was under 45 min. I know this will work out well for all of you.

Neese said...

Oh sweet!!! The boys will know what speed feels like at an early age!! It's beautiful!

Papa Louie said...

Nice ride.
And if you run 6 minute miles with the boys they'll have a blast.