Dec 19, 2006

Two-a-Day Tuesday

Ran a light 8 miles this morning starting at 4:45. Temps were around 35°F and mild. Pretty nice conditions actually. The day brought with it sunshine and temps in the mid 40's, which was really nice. It may be a little cold but you can't help but feel good when the sun is shining. I had planned on making it to Garfield Park in the evening to run with the old gang and was relieved to get out of work on time to make the 6:15 start. I believe there were 10 of us tonight. A few old faces and a few new. We did two laps around the 2 mile loop and regrouped at the base of the large hill to do some ladders. 1/3 up hard (jog down), 2/3 up hard (jog down), all the way up hard (jog down). Repeat, except in reverse. I was surprsed at how well I handled the "speedwork" given the time of year. Wore my New Balance in the AM and Brooks in the PM and both are feeling great!

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Papa Louie said...

It was good to see you out on the run Tuesaday evening.
Happy Holidays!