Dec 17, 2006

Short Sleeve December

I woke up on Sunday morning to 55° weather. Instinctively, I began digging through my running drawer for a thermal layer but thought better of it and went with the short sleeve top and some light arm warmers. The five of us who met for a 12 miler were in shock. One of the many things that's cool about being from Ohio is having the ability to appreciate warm weather when we're fortunate to have it. We all stretched for a few minutes extra afterwards and a few of us went together to a local bakery for some post-run treats.

The run itself went well. I've been consistent enough with my running of late to be content although I wouldn't mind picking it up a notch. Perhaps signing up for a spring marathon will inspire me to run a few extra miles during the week.

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SoupKitchen said...

Good to see that you took advantage of the great weather too! I plan to do some running in Florida and Arizona next week.