Dec 11, 2006

Follow the Blue Light!

I arrived a few minutes late to my planned 14 mile run on Sunday morning and found 2 familiar cars but no familiar people (i.e. they took off without me). Since we run out and backs, I knew we'd cross paths eventually so I set out at a pretty brisk pace to get the blood flowing. About 3/4 mile in, I saw ahead of me a blinking blue light and remembered that Cathy had recently purchased this light to clip on to her fuel belt, warning cars of our presence since 90% of our running is done in the dark. It was still about a mile ahead but I couldn't resist the challenge of chasing it down as fast as possible. Part of the fun was in trying to sneak up on them as I approached. By mile 3, I was even with them and running easy. Thank goodness because running at 10K pace 25 minutes after waking up is not a whole lot of fun. To be honest, it took a little out of me and the balance of the run was a little hard to stomach (literally).

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Elizabeth said...

You need to start coming to Tuesday night runs again!