Dec 21, 2006

Another Pleasant Run

It was 42°F with light winds at 4:30 so I threw on my favorite running apparrel, shorts and a long sleeve tech top. Also had the winter hat and gloves to keep the extremities warm. There was a light rain but not enough to require a waterproof shell. While running, I became completely wrapped up in a story I was telling and was amazed at how the miles flew by. We were at our 5 mile turnaround before I knew it. I must have been pretty wired because I'm usually pretty quiet and focused on the business of running, especially in the morning.

We met at Kevin's house even though he is still sidelined with an injured achilles. I wonder if he saw our cars and how he felt not being able to join us. I know it's really been eating at him. Kevin's a guy who was in Boston Marathon shape a short 8 months ago! Any way, 10 miles this AM in just just under 1:18. Great run!

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